Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sasa & turf ladies day

thats my very first time attending sasa annual event ladies day,at selangor turf club.
so,why sasa days?

  sasa & turf ladies day~

 special appearance : methode swiss spoke person,kate tsui.

fun fact 1: with your friends!beers & beverage/foods for us to linger around with friends.

fun fact 2: racing tips!
first time betting on horse racing..ppl can get so excited on tis whyy 

 fun fact 3:

 cam-whore v local celebrities!

some more?erm fashion show,cool enough hats show by brenen wong..and of course excellent door gift from sasa& turf club,also a chance to walk away prizes with the best dress award of the day!
let the sun kiss u ! too hot is not one of the fun fact,SWEATING like nobody biz.

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  1. Kate Tsui is so cute! :) She is definately one of the promising actresses in the HK movie & drama industry. Love her acting as always. Hope to see more of her movies in future.