Monday, December 31, 2012

eSetiawalk launching and model hunt

Its the launching of eSetiawalk and model hunt audition night ;)So many pretty ladies dressed up elegantly to support this event plus audition hopefully to win themselves a chance to gt into finalist & be the eSetiawalk future next model.
Proudly present to u ,the 2nd issue of model finalist! The final 4 chosen among all.Lucky us and grateful!
Dress sponsored by F block and i have my lovely white lace mullet dress.

Special thanks to the Organizer SETIAWALK,primary sponsor by F BLOCK,SUSHI TEI,SHARE TEA.other sponsor by LA KAFFA,EMPHASIS NAILS,THE BARN,MY LITTLE BEAUTY & SPA.

 The highlight of the event ,look at tis GORGEOUS vintage car.Lucky me to have a car ride on the pink vintage car .The car ride was another amazing experience for me, driver drive us to the stage and we begin our red carpet walk towards the stage.If u ask what was I thinking at that moment whether Im nervous or not ,care not and Walk like a superstar!hehe

Look at the beautiful stage set up by F block,we were the barbie doll of the day.

*drum rolling *

vroomm vromm..
with hot Sharon!


Its definitely a wonderful and unforgettable night for me.Thank you to everyone who came and support the event too!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

桜 Sakura cherry blossom ,Japan

OOk lets back to APRIL of 2012.Heres a late post again.BUT ITS ALL ABOUT SAKURA ;)!
Japan is famous for its cherry blossom .Its one thing I love the most about Japan. 
Everywhere in Japan is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.
Its a very memorable experience for me to visit japan during the cherry blossom season.


 Every year, the start of the blooming season can be vary depending on the weather condition and once they open up they usually reach their peak within 10 days.

SHINJUKU GYOEN is one of the largest and popular park in TOKYO .it becomes one of the best place to visit during spring,to enjoy cherry blossom and chill out with friends & family.

ps/  a few of my photo here r from my iphone. Hope the quality isn't that bad la. ;) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sasa & turf ladies day

thats my very first time attending sasa annual event ladies day,at selangor turf club.
so,why sasa days?

  sasa & turf ladies day~

 special appearance : methode swiss spoke person,kate tsui.

fun fact 1: with your friends!beers & beverage/foods for us to linger around with friends.

fun fact 2: racing tips!
first time betting on horse racing..ppl can get so excited on tis whyy 

 fun fact 3:

 cam-whore v local celebrities!

some more?erm fashion show,cool enough hats show by brenen wong..and of course excellent door gift from sasa& turf club,also a chance to walk away prizes with the best dress award of the day!
let the sun kiss u ! too hot is not one of the fun fact,SWEATING like nobody biz.

ifeel magazine make over project

锵锵~7月份的ifeel杂志有我的改造单元!很开心封面是我的女神angela baby ;D

 top by LAVISHE
dress by SHIZZU

 top by TAMIKO 
pant by LAVISHE 

 behind scene:everyone works perfectly together.^^
hair by john and make up by angeline & thera from mode make up.

a brief write up on whats happening during the shoot lol thx to eniko,she is such a sweet and friendly person too.

 And here whats came up from the magazine.

its  fun and happy experience working together with ifeel team ,thank you again and xoxoo~

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

女人我最大 {雕塑完美曲线}分享会SNEAK PEAK Ann's coutouring sexy curve sharing session

是的,一年一度盛大的美容展今年就在吉隆坡KLCC举行!一切美容产品批发零售等就在这里,从28SEPT -1 OCT2012 这几天都是爱漂亮爱时尚或工作需要等人士非常期待的盛事呢!
这次呢我就有一个任务,难得不是以抢购血拼的身份心态而来,而是以媒体的身份进来参与event 和workshop seminar.然后为大家报报看我所cover 的event,分享心得与经验!


就是来自我最爱的节目女人我最大的其中一位女将ANN {雕塑完美曲线}分享会 !


ANN带来了几个shills的产品来介绍和教大家怎么用。在这分享会里我最喜欢的 产品之一就是这个SHILLS ALL IN ONE BUBBLE SCRUB.话说每个人的身体部位总有被忽略保养的地方显得角质层比较厚又黑。那这支东西真的是大家的救星啦!可用于身体每个容易被忽略的地方,脖子啊手 寸等部位,只需搓一搓就可以吧老废角质代谢掉使肌肤美白光滑,感觉很诱人!除毛以后再使用这个可以去除角质又美白光滑。

shills miracle lift body contour也是明星产品之一。可雕塑完美曲线!里面有各种不同的颗粒,擦起来冰冰凉凉的很舒服所以不会黏腻。


SHILLS  FIRMING ESSENCE 也是大卖产品之一。ANN说道在女人我最大众多女军里她胸size不算大可是胸型却是最好看的,强调说不一定大就好看而且胸部大更容易比较下垂往外扩,所以更要保养。也强调胸部可以小但不可以下垂,胸部没那么伟大的女生呢也要努力维持拥有美而挺的shape。所以她都会很注重胸部的保养擦保养品然后按摩。SHILLS firming essence使用的天然成分大家可以放心使用。清洁后,取適量置於掌心,再以双指沾取,由內往外塗抹於胸部肌肤,轻柔按按摩至吸收即可,不需要洗掉。