Monday, December 31, 2012

eSetiawalk launching and model hunt

Its the launching of eSetiawalk and model hunt audition night ;)So many pretty ladies dressed up elegantly to support this event plus audition hopefully to win themselves a chance to gt into finalist & be the eSetiawalk future next model.
Proudly present to u ,the 2nd issue of model finalist! The final 4 chosen among all.Lucky us and grateful!
Dress sponsored by F block and i have my lovely white lace mullet dress.

Special thanks to the Organizer SETIAWALK,primary sponsor by F BLOCK,SUSHI TEI,SHARE TEA.other sponsor by LA KAFFA,EMPHASIS NAILS,THE BARN,MY LITTLE BEAUTY & SPA.

 The highlight of the event ,look at tis GORGEOUS vintage car.Lucky me to have a car ride on the pink vintage car .The car ride was another amazing experience for me, driver drive us to the stage and we begin our red carpet walk towards the stage.If u ask what was I thinking at that moment whether Im nervous or not ,care not and Walk like a superstar!hehe

Look at the beautiful stage set up by F block,we were the barbie doll of the day.

*drum rolling *

vroomm vromm..
with hot Sharon!


Its definitely a wonderful and unforgettable night for me.Thank you to everyone who came and support the event too!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

桜 Sakura cherry blossom ,Japan

OOk lets back to APRIL of 2012.Heres a late post again.BUT ITS ALL ABOUT SAKURA ;)!
Japan is famous for its cherry blossom .Its one thing I love the most about Japan. 
Everywhere in Japan is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.
Its a very memorable experience for me to visit japan during the cherry blossom season.


 Every year, the start of the blooming season can be vary depending on the weather condition and once they open up they usually reach their peak within 10 days.

SHINJUKU GYOEN is one of the largest and popular park in TOKYO .it becomes one of the best place to visit during spring,to enjoy cherry blossom and chill out with friends & family.

ps/  a few of my photo here r from my iphone. Hope the quality isn't that bad la. ;)