Wednesday, March 28, 2012

western/church wedding #SYDNEY

look at tis lovely Cake
Tada~CONGRATULATIONS!!its justyn & amanda wedding ceremony.

Romantic scene outside doulton house.

Ling & me.
everyone queuing up at the photo booth,having fun taking photo with those cute accessories.

very nice setting ya
ok done!here's the dessert of the day!yummyumm
Did i mention it was my very first time visiting to sydney,attending a western style wedding ceremony at the church?the whole experience was fun n unforgettable.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

女人我最大 Magazine shooting

hi all,how ya all doing!
Here's a post that im suppose to blogs long time ago!and now before my trip to Sydney!
I thk its another great experience to share v ,magazine shooting for queen magazine 女人我最大+ some behind scenes.
Here u go....
Beauty spread featured queen magazine 11+12




Thanks to yipieyaya studio team.Its very enjoyable and fun shoot.I got to see myself in many different style, i enjoy trying out them because we never know which style actually looks good on us if we r always afraid to try something new!
And some behind scene during the shoot.


hope u like it ,good night=)

Monday, March 19, 2012

we all love healthy & shine hair

*wink wink* Im gonna write and share on how i take care of my hair ,and some hair care products that i like to use and would like to recommend to the healthy hair lovers.

Im concerned about my hair and im willing to spend $$ on it,not that i must/ have to visit to the salon very often,but i would like to a do hair spa/treatment on my own at home and its one of my way to relax hehee..i always wish to have a healthy hair like rapunzel and we girls really need to work hard on it.Lets say for me,i dont often color my hair so i think for me heat styling is a leading cause in damaged hair,especially for girls nowadays so many hair styles we wanna to try..and also beauty tools like tongs,straighterner,styling product bla bla bla these all sometime we really couldnt avoid while working related 2 the beauty industrial. And guess what else..environmental conditions!!

*TADA* my new love!i mean i love this shampoo a LOADS.Miriamquevedo shampoo for difficult hair with EXTREME CAVIAR. (can eat??)

Good things about this shampoo: My hair are much more managable,easy to brush and shine.thx to it intense nutrition and moisturizing ingredients, it smells good too.

How to use:Apply to wet hair and massage in gently to create a lather.leave on for 2 to 5 minutes,then rinse.(2-5 mins ok this is a must-do for me ,not because of the instruction ask to do so,but because of the luxe ingredients plus the price factor,so i dont want to rinse it away so fast =P)

Where to find/buy: Available at all SHINS outlet in Malaysia.Price at RM85.

And here is some 5-10 mins hair treatment stuff that i like to use and its my favourite hair treatment so far,its a concentrate treatment that soften and repair damaging hair.Cute in small size and convenient for travel.

Clinicare from pantene hair time renewal one wash treatment.I used them twice a week after shampoo.

Heat styling tools like hair dryer is actually damaging our hair too,and after doing so much research on how to take care my hair better,felt thankful that i found this,PANASONIC EH NA 30.A hair dryer with hair treatment effect,imagine you are actually doing hair treatment for your hair while you are drying/stying your hair at the same time,cool right!
World's first hair dryer with hair treatment effect, which helps to remove excess sebum, protect hair cuticle and moisturize hair* External nanoe ion outlet helps to retain moisture for smoothening hair* The innovative Nanoe Technology (nanoe ions' moisture content is approximately 1000 times greater than that of negative ions) and nanoe ion charge panel attracting moistures to infiltrate deeply into hair, which makes hair glossier and healthier*

Nanoe on/off botton,see the blue light and the nanoe/ion is working .

thx bubye