Thursday, December 8, 2011

the making of hada labo tvc 2011

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A lazy girl is going to update her blog .this blogpost is about sharing her experience in a tv commercial shooting,and some behind scene videos/ pictures taken during the shoots.
well oh well..Im the lazy girl and its been so long...and later on there's more travel post that i havent been posting up here.stay tune!
Its my first time to experience tvc shooting,with HADA LABO.Being so lucky and grateful to be selected as one of the winner through their contest,to won away fabulous prize from them and chance to be the face of hada labo.Thanks to hada labo,and ure always my all time favourite skin care.

The whole experience was fun and enjoyable,and I have gotten to know myself better,on how to pose infront of camera & act & smile etc.It was so much of fun with the girls along the shooting process,we used to NG many times but at the end of the day we stil made it for the director to say well done,sao gong!it was like omg ..finally ..what a long and tiring day which literally took about 12 hours. And its like a dream come true,we couldnt believe that we actually made it and its gonna be airing on tv..kinda amazing!

there's 2 tv commercial of hada labo and u can try to spot me in both tvc ,its also on youtube as well & been airing for the entire month of july on Astro WLT,8tv,NTV7 and others 2 tv channel (forgotten which two)..
And is the behind scene video of the making of the commercial/process.enjoy!

3) (behind scene)

Afterall,its was an amazing and priceless experience,thanks to the organizer the director,dreamteam studio, make up artiste Mae liew & kristine,hairdo from secolo hairdressing and most important hada labo!  its no easy and requires many effort behind every scene of a pretty face there,but it was all worth it.

Lotsa love,xoxoo~

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